Mapping The Universe Inside Us

The impetus behind Una Ryan’s second Intimate Terrain series is to juxtapose the intricate workings of mitochondria, nuclei and vesicles —the powerhouse, command center and transmiting organelles within living cells — with earth’s great bodies of water, lakes, riverbeds and deltas, to reveal the power and majesty of these all important yet ever fragile fundamentals of life. (June 2015).

Blood, Air and Sand

Tree of Life, Blue

Tree of Life, Fall

Vessel at Bissagos

Connect the Dots

Rwenzori Lung

Snowy Lung

Mighty Mitos, Mighty River

Dazzling Delta

Blue Cristae

Brown Cristae

Command at Elba

Amadeus Lymphocyte

Power of the Rock

Lympho Dog

Tuz Bird